As a non-profit, every effort The Endometriosis Coalition makes to raise disease awareness, promote education, and increase research funding is centered around our guiding principles:



We pride ourselves in actively acquiring the knowledge needed to better understand how to help those battling Endometriosis


We strive to provide access to information that leaves women feeling confident and knowledgeable in understanding this disease


Living with Endometriosis ourselves, we understand that change will not take place overnight. We are committed to creating true and lasting change despite the obstacles we may face


We aim to positively influence the lives of, and provide hope to those who are battling Endometriosis


Hey Girl: Pain Is Never Normal

By: Jenneh Bockari-Rishe for Healthline

How I Empower Myself, and Others, to Take Control of Endometriosis

By: Natalie Archer for Healthline

What Living With Endometriosis Is Really Like

By: Meghan Connolly for Betches Media

The 3rd hour of TODAY welcomes registered nurse Jenneh Bockari-Rishe , co-founder of The Endometriosis Coalition, as she discusses her tough medical journey and eventual diagnosis with endometriosis, a disorder that affects one in 10 women worldwide. She's joined by Dr. Iris Orbuch, author of "Beating Endo" and director of Advanced Gynecologic Laparoscopy Center.