In the simplest terms, endometriosis is tissue similar to the lining of the uterus that is found outside the uterus, on other parts of the body. This rogue tissue creates lesions that become inflamed, bleed, and break down causing pain, scar tissue, and inflammation. Even though it’s mostly found in the pelvis, it can also be found on odd places like the bladder, bowels, appendix, diaphragm, and even lungs.

As a non-profit, every effort The Endometriosis Coalition makes to raise disease awareness, promote education, and increase research funding is centered around our guiding principles:



We pride ourselves in actively acquiring the knowledge needed to better understand how to help those battling Endometriosis


We strive to provide access to information that leaves women feeling confident and knowledgeable in understanding this disease


Living with Endometriosis ourselves, we understand that change will not take place overnight. We are committed to creating true and lasting change despite the obstacles we may face


We aim to positively influence the lives of, and provide hope to those who are battling Endometriosis


" I support The Endo Co because it's spreading the word about endometriosis, and helps me feel connected with my endo sisters all around the world."

Katie Holcroft, 20

Wellington, New Zealand


There are 4 factors that we feel prevent women from receiving adequate care


One: Lack of awareness amongst the general public

176 million women globally are affected by Endometriosis

1 in 10 women in the US are living with the disease; many struggle in silence

Treating Endometriosis costs the nation an estimated $119 billion annually


two: Misinformation amongst medical professionals 

The average time between symptom onset and diagnosis is 10 years

Hysterectomy is often presented as a cure, despite the fact that current medical literature proves it to be an ineffective treatment

Hormone suppression is highly regarded as an acceptable treatment of the disease itself, when in actuality, it only masks the symptoms

Despite statistical evidence that shows women who undergo excision surgery have better long term outcomes, many OBGYNs do not acknowledge excision surgery as the gold standard of treatment

There is a general lack of surgical skill to properly perform excision



The National Institute of Health (NIH) had a budget in 2016 of $32.3 billion, yet Endometriosis only received $11 million, and will receive the same minimal funding in 2017

The amount of funding received for Endometriosis is much smaller when compared to other diseases that affect close to the same number of people



Despite current research and outcomes, excision surgery is viewed as an investigational service by many insurance companies

No incentives exist to improve quality of treatment because endometriosis specialists are reimbursed the same as regular OBGYNs

An Endometriosis specialist who performs a 4 to 6 hour excision surgery will receive the same reimbursement as a non-specialist who spends 30 minutes to an hour, using a less successful surgical technique such as ablation or fulguration



"The Endo Co is very dear to me, because I was diagnosed with endometriosis 4 years ago. Their cause is a great way to spread awareness about the disease."

Jyotsna Shankar, 30

San Francisco Bay Area, California 





Natalie's story is a bit of an unconventional one, but it has all lead led her to where she is today. She began by studying Psychology in Australia (taking breaks to live in London and Los Angeles), and went on to complete her honors in Nutritional Neuroscience. This background in research has equipped Natalie to pick apart research articles related to her Endometriosis treatment and management. While she was studying, she worked in marketing and modeling - very different worlds! Natalie's passion for marketing led to the creation of her own brand consultancy: MisSocial. She uses her background in psychology to understand human behaviour,  and her experience in the fashion industry to best serve her clients.

Even though Natalie grew up on the sunny Australian coast, she is really enjoying living in New York City with her lovely, supportive boyfriend and adorable bunny - Merky. "Life is a bit of an adventure, made harder by my endometriosis and adenomyosis. I struggled for many years with my diagnosis, and have now come to a place where I try not to let it define me"  says Natalie. 

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Jenneh Bockari has been a Registered Nurse for nine years, working in many different specialty areas such as trauma, kidney transplant, oncology, and leukemia/bone marrow transplant. After completing her bachelors degree, she decided to pursue a masters degree in nursing education. It took over 4 years, but Jenneh's medical background gave her the knowledge and skills to navigate how to finally get good care after she was diagnosed with endometriosis. With her love for healthcare, education, and teaching, she felt inspired to use her abilities to help other women understand the disease better.

Jenneh is originally from New Jersey, but has lived in in Los Angeles for the last 6 years. In her free time, she loves running, writing, and spending time with her incredibly supportive boyfriend, family, and friends. When asked why she felt  so passionately about starting the The Endometriosis Coalition with Natalie, she says "endometriosis is criminally under researched and horribly misunderstood, and I want to be a part of changing that, sooner rather than later."

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Board Member

Jillian Schurr is currently a second year law student. The same journey that led her to law school, brought her to The Endometriosis Coalition.  After completing her bachelor’s degree in human biology, she began her career in clinical research while working towards a master’s degree in public health. During her time as an investigator in the public health sector, Jillian was diagnosed with Endometriosis.

Jillian is originally from Michigan, previously lived in Texas and Indiana, but it is now Chicago that she calls home. She enjoys reading, catching up with friends, and spending time with her dog Maddison. Her personality consists of the perfect mixture of persistence and compassion that drives her to help others combat the obstacles they may face, whether it be in the public health or non-profit sector.

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The Endo Co is so grateful to have the support of many influential people and organizations within the community


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